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Your pets

An issue that I would like to cover today has nothing to do with work.  In fact it is something close to my heart as I am sure it is to yours. First of all we should all have a plan of action, for ourselves, our family and our pets. Forwarned is forarmed!

We are living in a very volatile world, with natural disasters and terrorist attacks happening on a daily basis.

Over the last couple of days I have observed on CNN and BBC news how many pets, Dogs Cats etc have been or were left behind in the recent hurricanes. While I understand that its chaos and people are scared for the life of themselves and their families shouldn’t your pets be included?

These creatures have no choice, we chose them, this means we have a responsibility towards them. I can only imagine what they must have been going through being left alone in a house or yard while water was engulfing them.  They must have been thinking why were they left behind what did they do wrong?

A lot of people took the pets and the shelters that were accommodating them did not allow pets, this too I feel is wrong, if your pet is house trained and you take them out regularly to do what they have to do, then it should not be an issue, in fact they will be a comfort to you and protection.

Life is life, whether its yours or your pets. Please take care of them.

One thought on “Your pets

  1. kerry chelin says:

    I agree, we love our pets and they should be thought of as part of the family!

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