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  1. The cost

The average freelancer doesn’t have anywhere near the overheads of an established agency such as office space, travel costs, staff.

  1. Simplicity

It’s easy for your project to become one of many when working with an agency.

Agencies will always find more time for their bigger clients and perhaps a little less for the smaller jobs which of course are still important. A general rule of thumb with a lot of freelancers is that they tend to work from project to project or have only a couple of projects active which means a greater level of focus on yours.

  1. We’re always here

Freelance is tough business, most work irregular hours to compete, often more than the 5 days a week and as such you’ve got a much better chance of pushing your project through quickly.

This isn’t to say that all freelancers work all the time of course!

  1. Direct chain of communication

Freelancers these days have to be experts in a number of disciplines. It’s no use being a great designer who can’t clearly communicate with their clients. Freelancers generally have excellent procedures in place for handling both the client liaison aspect of the project as well the actual implementation.

  1. You get the expertise you need

If you’re hiring a freelancer, you’re only paying for their skills. If you’re hiring an agency, their rates will be factoring in the cost to them of employing staff who do other things that may not be relevant to your particular project as well as paying for other over heads which increase your costs.

  1. Your project is more important to a freelancer

Freelancers tend to work from project to project so yours will more often than not be the most important thing they’re working on.

Agencies tend to operate with more clients and prioritize work differently, often based on the size of the client. If your project is competing for attention with a $250k website launch then there is a real danger your project may move down the “to do” list.


  1. Speed

Dealing directly with the freelancer who is working on your project often shortens the time to completion of your project.

Changes can be done straight away rather than falling into the inbox of a designer in an agency who may have 20 other jobs their boss has asked them to complete by the end of the day.

  1. Freelancers have networks too

At this point be convinced about trying the freelance route, but are perhaps thinking that if you hire an agency, you’re not only hiring someone who specialized purely in the skills you are looking for but a complete solution which gives you access not only to a web designer but perhaps also a developer and a copy writer and someone who specializes in search engine optimization.

This is of course true, by hiring an agency, you’ll get enough resource to complete your project and the cost of the project will reflect this.

However, don’t for a second think that freelancers don’t have great networks of contacts too. We stick together and work together on projects based purely on requirements rather than keeping all these staff on salary.

  1. We do the work anyway

That project you’ve just paid an agency $900 a day to complete – well, I did it for you anyway but for much less money.

Agencies often call in freelance/contract talent to work on projects that they don’t want to turn down but don’t have the in-house resource to complete at the time.

  1. You’re hiring the right person for the job

Your project will have specific requirements. When you look around for a freelancer, you’re going to be able to find someone with an exact skill set to complete your project on time and budget.

To summarize

Many of the benefits listed above relate to the cost difference between hiring permanent staff and a freelancer. One of the aims of this list was to try and dispel some of the ideas clients have about freelancers who work for themselves and operate from home offices.




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