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Hi all
I have been a bit concerned, as I have seen tons of you sign up but you are not using the site to your full advantage.

It could be that you are waiting for more people to do the same or that you are not quite sure how this works.  Either way, there is nothing to be ashamed of we are here to help.

This site is designed for both visual exposure and jobs/skill exposure, so you need to put yourself out there.  So that our buyers can see the skills you have.  I am going to go step by step so that you can find your way around.

Once your profile is set up it’s a matter of checking in every day to see if you have any messages also check your spam on your email as they might be going there.

Right so let’s get started.

  1. If you are on the site look at the top right-hand corner you will see a drop down menu, click on that.
  2. The drop down menu will open and you will see a list of items, Home, blog, and your login brief case, log out and sell service.
  3. Click on sell service.
  4. This opens a new job post, this is where you add in what you do let’s take Logo design: under job title you can put: Awesome, eye catching, Logo.
  5. Job price this is what you want to get for the job so say $25…….
  6. Category would be graphic and design. Click on Logo design.
  7. Description here you write what the job would entail for the price.
  8. Instructions to the buyer: This would be something like this, please message me to discuss in depth what you expect from the project so that i can quote you accordingly. So in other words how many reviews you would offer on this project, all the extras would go here.
  9. Location is where you are currently in the world. The nice thing about working on this platform is: 1) its secure and 2) you could be sitting on an island paradise or a wine farm in Cape Town and be working.
  10. Tags: These are for Google and the site so on basically key words for people who are looking for that particular skill to find you.
  11. Because we are mainly a digital platform everything is done via the site so shipping would not apply however we do have a T shirt design category and this may require shipping.  Unless you just design and sell the design to your clients and they screen print.
  12. Max days to deliver:  food for thought always give yourself a little more time than you need as it’s always better to surprise a client with a quick delivery then disappoint in asking for more time.
  13. Images: this is where you show your “bling side” let your imagination fly but keep it clean please, we will review all these so if we have a hassle with something we will contact you.
  14. Because we expect all transactions to go through the site we don’t encourage YouTube video, etcetera, this site is designed to protect your as a seller and buyer. The seller ensures that the funds are paid upfront, these funds stay on hold until the job is done. Once the job is loaded the buyer has 120 hours to check that the project is completed and done to satisfaction.  Any grievances as solved through our HR division and will be attended to as and if they come in.
  15. We do not charge for feature jobs yet so the sooner you get in the better, because once we reach 200 we are going to start charging for the features job side which means more exposure to you. So get going!
  16. The extras is a nice feature: we have two slots, this allows you to give your clients [sellers] that little extra. So if you are doing logo design you could say “For and extra $ 10 I will get this logo out in 24 hours.” or “For an extra $15 i will get this logo out in 12 hours.” [Just examples i will leave that to you.
  17. Then you post the job, and our buyers will browse through and select from the list.
  18. Our categories are: Articles writing and blogging, Business, Digital Marketing, Graphics and design, Music and audio, Photoshop editing, Programming and Tech, Resumes and cover letters, Video and animation, Web programming, Writing and translation. These will all have sub categories so if there is something there that you don’t find email us on and we will add it for you.
  19. Lastly have fun, this site is not here to replace your current employment it’s to help you earn extra or if you are unemployed it’s to help you earn. All suggestions are welcome, so feel free to drop us a line on
  20.  Images will not load if they are not to spec, maximum size is 64 MB.

From all on the Gigs for Grabs team.


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